Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween gigs 2012

This past weekend I did two was for kids, and one was for teens. The teenage one was held in a strobe-lit tent on the lawn; they situated me and my easel right next to the food, including a big bowl of...cheese doodles. Well, the nasty things are the right orangey color for the season, but anyone who knows me will tell you: I HATE THEM. The smell alone, let alone the taste and texture, make me nauseous. But for the love of caricaturing, I soon forgot about them and delved into drawing faces and costumes. :-)
 Devil girl!
 Sumo wrestler!
 Nerd! I told him the pocket label was great--it said "My mom loves me"
 Cop and kimono-clad Asian dude!
Pirate couple!
At this party, I drew full-body BW-with-orange-background caricatures. There was a bunch of teens in and out all night so I don't know how many I drew.
The photo machine next to me even provided some swag:
Yeah, I dressed up. My much-loved long black witchy dress is soooo versatile.
Here's a little video vibe from the party, to a song that makes me draw even faster!

Bye, tent!
The other party was for eleven-year-old girls. I do know my number of drawings because I took this group photo,
plus this one of two late-comers who were drawn after the group photo was taken:
Total: Nineteen, in a tad over two hours, and these were full body with some color. I told the girls they could have a full-color face or a BW face with some color for their costumes, and that's what all but two opted for. 
Below: a closer-up view in progress.
This young lady hired me for her upcoming bat mitzvah---two+ years away!! :-)

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