Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Texan Families

Some folks make it a tradition to be drawn every year at the fair with their families...
The last time I drew this couple, they were still just that (see photo on her phone!). Now they are three!
This threesome was a hoot to draw...Cosmetics and hair!
These two were almost three, so I included them here. ;-)
These two are also returnees, with a new baby whom Auntie took once I finished drawing her and her brother...
Dad cracked a smile when he saw this!
Son took off before I took the photo, but kudos for being in a caricature with his parents!
More families whose members wandered away before I got a photo with them...

Dad has some killer eyebrows here! 
Another returning family, this year they were all Captain America.
Finally, a business family, crammed them all in there!

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  1. You really have a unique style. These are some of the best live drawing caricatures I have seen!! Great work!