Monday, October 29, 2012

Texan Singles...

No, not that kind of single! Single-person caricatures!  These are drawings where each person got the whole sheet of paper all to themselves...
Her lip gloss was very important...
Cute kid with cute hat and cute teeth...
This guy laughed uproariously when he saw it, I wish I'd videoed him...
"I'd like a pretty one to hang in my salon, and my favorite color is PURPLE"
 I really made an effort to get this kid's glossy, semi-Bieber hair just right. Paul is our Hairmaster artist at the booth, and I think he'd be proud. ( My title is Fontmaster.)
She said, "Draw me like PSY!!" (Celestia did a sample of him; his head is in the photo below, and I shamelessly copied the body from it, as I hadn't seen the video yet. I have now!!)
Her jacket really was hanging off her like this. Had to laugh when her mom said, "Oh look! She even drew your jacket hanging off"
 This guy had awesome hair!
This kid wanted me to draw him in his baseball jersey, which he said was orange. For his team name,  I THOUGHT I heard "Kings" but I heard wrong....a few days later his mom came back and said, it was really "Canes".  It had been so loud at the fair (we drew practically next to a live band that played five times a day) that he didn't even realize I wrote the wrong thing until later. Luckily, I was able to fix it with a little ingenuity. :-)
 Two kids that were particularly fun for me to draw...because of their nifty glasses.
This gentleman was ninety-one years old and a quail hunter, so I drew one spewing a trail of blood across the sky. Not PC, but he loved it.
This lady has been my subject a few times over the years and she is a fashion plate! Love that lipstick!

As I am blogging this from my studio, I am listening to Tropical Storm Sandy's winds howling and just heard the first cracking of limbs outside. :-(  Probably won't have electricity for much longer, but I have plenty of flashlights, water, bread and tuna!

I hope the whole East coast of the US pulls through this without too much woe.  

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