Friday, August 24, 2012

And even more OC faces...

Ocean City is known as a family resort, and kids make up a large proportion of my caricatures. This little boy wanted one, but his parents weren't sure if his sister could sit still long enough...but after watching him get done, she was an eager subject!
This is the guy from the taco stand nearby, whose face was begging me to draw it...good luck in college!
These two sisters were so cute, and they gave me and my Other Half a hug afterwards! Mine was for drawing them, and his was for entertaining them while I drew!
 Ha asked for great abs, and she asked for a leopard print bikini...
 Immediate picture taking for Facebook!
 He was tuckered out after a beach+boardwalk day...
Everybody has something that stands out about their appearance...with these two, I saw intense eyes/eyebrows next to a loooong swan neck.
Smiles all around here!
Drew the young man below then his parents joined in for their own caricature. And while chatting, we discovered it's a small world once again... I meet so many people down here with whom I have some kind of connection; either I drew them already, or they saw me drawing somewhere else, or we know people or places in common...  :-)
This young lady below is a good example of that phenomenon. I drew her at the orthodontic open house I did earlier this summer, and took her photo---which is included on my video slide show that plays (incessantly) in my booth. One afternoon she happened to walk by with her friends on the boardwalk. I recognized her and ran after her to tell her she was in my video... she was a little taken aback when I said breathlessly, I drew your caricature, then she remembered! So she brought her mom by later that evening, exactly at the right time to see her photo pop up! How is that for crazy???
 Another guy with a perfect face for caricature. His wife is too cute!
 These two were entertaining me while I drew them. Think I got their personalities, too...
 This couple were newlyweds! We had a nice time chatting as much so, that I made sure to include HER ring in the caricature, but forgot about his! They came back the next day and I added it in. :-)
 A baby girl with big eyes and big curls celebrated her first birthday with a caricature!
 This couple has a menagerie at home (minus the giraffe and lion, of course).
 A "friends in college"caricature...
 A little girl with an entrancing smile...
 A mom-and-daughter caricature...a souvenir that will be treasured by both for a long time.
The Other Half and I spent a morning getting something that could be considered a caricature artist's competition, but I LOVE THESE:

Friday, August 17, 2012

Yet more OC faces..

The ever-changing faces that briefly pass before me are as varied as the beach conditions seem to be every day...
Some of her hair color had washed out from swimming, so I restored it!
Surfing with dolphins and sharks...
Whooping her dad's butt at basketball...  :-)
Couples, couples, couples...
 Loved doing her lipstick!
 Brand new newlyweds!
A huge smile!
 This gentleman was from Trinidad, so I put a reasonable facsimile of his flag behind him. And I said, I KNOW you have incredible beaches there... and he had to agree!
 Here's a foursome where the couple who got the color drawing made the other couple decide to get one... or was it the couple who got the BW? I can't remember...
 She asked to be a hula dancer and he asked to be a turtle. Voila!
 Lotsa babies get drawn here. this is a typical one with a body/theme. 
 The expressions on this one are still making me laugh.
 I've been drawing seagulls on my caricatures. This one is just flying past...
 ...but this one is leaving some gull droppings on the boys. Turns out they don't like the NY Giants, but their dad does, so they got this as a joke gift for him.
Below: A surfer theme with a shark. I have to thank artist Aaron Philby here, I've been looking at his incredible work for inspiration...his faces are amazing but his backgrounds and bodies are just as awesome.  I hope he's coming to our ISCA convention and that I can do more Emily-ish sharks soon...they're not anything I have much experience drawing yet.
So as far as changing weather conditions here on the beach and boardwalk, how's this:
Storm rolling in! Lightning actually hit one of the rides about a block away after this pic was taken and it sounded like an explosion.
On another day we could see an air show happening up the coast at Atlantic City.
And one morning we rode our bikes on the boardwalk. :-)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

More OC faces...

I'm really enjoying this beach venue...
This is my friend, the Joisey girl from the other night, this time with her boyfriend...who wore his favorite expression for me. And I drew it!
 This couple had alot of uncanny things in common with me, but of course the best was that her name was Emily!
 I am enjoying adding crabs to drawings instead of baseballs. Sorry, Rick...
He asked for great abs and a pizza. :-)
 She had a sunburn on her shoulders. 
 Three happy girls. the one on the lower left is an airbrushed one. :-)
I've seen some interesting sights here so far. Here are a few:

Miss Ocean City went by in a Mercedes convertible!
The Mummers strutted up and down the boardwalk.
The moon was amazing one night...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Faces of Ocean City!

I'm trying something new this year---a stand on the Boardwalk in family-friendly Ocean City, New Jersey!
With the help of my Other Half, I've set up in a nice spot, the entrance to the Surf Mall...I'm offering both black-and-white, color and airbrush caricatures here. This is the view my sitters see:
The booth actually belongs to my new friend Tassia, she's been drawing here for several years and wanted to have time in August for her young family and budding photography studio (Twinkle Photo Studio) so I am honored to be here in her stead.
So here are a few of the caricatures I've created in the past week!
 Babies on the beach! I've been a down-the-shore fan all my life so getting to do lots of beach backgrounds is heavenly to me.
 This young man gave this drawing to his karate instructor (whom I did from a photo) and they told me it was a hit ( or a chop?)
A color couple and a BW couple.
 More beach bodies.
 O's fans and Irish dancing!
 Just your classic single caricature...I think I caught his typical expression. :-)
 Cousins: the girl on left is from Italy and the girl on right is from New Joisey!
A mom-and-daughter beach body caricature! So much fun for me to do. :-)
The signs in the background were Tassia's, but they needed a paint job--- so I airbrushed the original lettering to new colors before the season started. I like how they look in these photos!
I'll have more sporadically but I am spending long hours in the booth; if you're interested, I'll probably be posting more often on my Caricatures by Emily Fb page