Tuesday, May 14, 2013

60th birthday party...with an OH WOW moment for me

Saturday's second event was in the evening, in a private dining room of a trendy restaurant. My client was a doctor's office manager who pulled off a wonderful surprise party for her boss's wife...more on that in a minute. First, the OH WOW moment: here is my client with her two men---Alfred E. Neuman on the left, her hubby on the right:
Why Alfred E???
He's like family to her, she (a native New Yorker) grew up with him!!!
Her uncle, Len Brenner, is a former art director of MAD magazine, and often appeared in the crazy photography of Irving Schild. I have a book with two photos of him:
In MAD Art by Mark Evanier, Mr. Brenner is shown as the tomato-sauce spattered chef in a Contadina spoof and as a corn-flake eating band musician with an unusual cereal bowl. :-) 
She also said MAD's founder Bill Gaines was like an uncle to her as well, and nerd that I am, I got all excited at my two degrees of separation (is that right? ask Kevin Bacon) from someone who has had UNTOLD influence of generations of artists in many spheres...
Of course I told her that I had met quite a few of MAD's current gang of idiots. :-) 
Then it was on to caricature the guests at the party. The good doctor sat for one, you can guess his area of expertise:
That's his lovely wife next to him, the birthday girl...
and here are a few more.
What a fun night! Ya never know who you're going to meet in my line of work! :-)
Thank you for having me! 

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