Saturday, May 25, 2013

O's vs Yankees...night game

I'm not a regular artist at O's games---because it is a bit of a hike from where I live---but the NY Yankees were in town midweek, so I went down to do a rare night game with Rick. Before things got busy, I did a little exploring. Across from us is a fried chicken place that had a rooftop bar newly I went up to check it out and see what I could see:
There's Rick in front of the B & O warehouse.
That's the view out the gates into downtown Baltimore.
These are professional baseball players, what everyone in the bar was there for!
The game actually went into extra innings, but the Orioles prevailed, winning with a walk-off homer. But more on that in a moment. Here are some of the faces that sat for me:
 Cousins who were BOTH Yankee fans...
Cousins who were Oriole VS. Yankee fans...
A guy who said he wasn't a baseball fan at all and missed his girlfriend, to much ribbing from his buddies...
...and two lady Oriole fans, the one on the right was attending her very first game. 
At the end of the night, into the 10th inning, people who didn't feel up for a marathon game were walking out. This young lady sat down just as an Oriole banged out a home run which ended the game. Her dad ran back to see the hoopla, while I made the ball in the caricature say, "I'm a walk-off homer!"
She liked that.
You can see that the lighting in our spot is as bright as day, but it was 10 pm in this photo!
Here's the obligatory photo of left-handed Rick gripping his Markette fiercely while caricaturing a slightly inebriated gentleman. :-)
Hope the O's have a good season!

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