Sunday, May 26, 2013

Caricatures go perfectly with family reunions!

Yesterday's event reunited a big bunch of family members from both sides of the country...
and I pretty much drew ALL of them, some even multiple times. It went so well my client doubled my scheduled time there. :-) The day was too breezy to sit outside, even though it was beautiful,  so I staked out a corner of their family room and got busy:
First, a 45th-anniversary-celebrating couple. I asked them if they played Beatles music at their wedding in 1968, and they said was Neil Diamond!
And this guy was celebrating his birthday, so there were all kinds of additional reasons for a party.
Brother and sister...NOT a couple! :-)
More family matriarchs! On the left: she told me she was a big Bon Jovi fan, so I worked him in there somehow. On the right: a sweet middle-school history teacher with an old-fashioned chalkboard. 
These two told me they were "THE NEIGHBORS" and he wanted her to be a bunny and himself to be Elmer Fudd. I love her expression!!
Finally, two brothers who didn't know that another relative had pre-arranged with me to draw the one carrying the other. Took the photo before they saw it:
And here is their reaction:
I do love my job!!!!!

Update 5-29-13: client feedback: Thank you Carmen!!!
    We had 40 people at our home for a family reunion, Emily's gifted drawings truly made the party an unbelievable success. She drew everyone there and some more than once in a short amount of time for reasonable $$. We will definitely ask her to attend our future parties and draw for our friends,she's amazing!

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