Monday, May 6, 2013

Ooh la la, another "world" themed post-prom...

...and they put me in FRANCE. Not for the first time ;-)
The really cool thing about this photo, is that (and I found out in a roundabout way from one of the moms) the can-can girl shown here was drawn with the help of a friend of mine from ELEMENTARY SCHOOL---who was also of an artistic bent. She sat next to me in seventh grade and we were always drawing pretty models with fancy I guess we still are! Salutations, Dolores!

Speaking of pretty ladies, one of my first caricatures of the night was definitely NOT
 in that category:

But these are! (their pretty dresses had been exchanged for post-prom comfy clothes)

This school always goes all out in decorating.
 Even Grumpy Cat made an appearance as a photo op.
The girls' lavatory was done up as Bollywood/Hollywood.
And the boys' theme was Africa, complete with repainted-as-camo Barbie Jeep!!
In case you're wondering how the caricaturist got photos of the boys' lav, before the post-prom gets underway, the school allows the community-at-large to tour the facilities and see the wonderful transformation wrought by the parent committee. Kudos to them! 
Final pic: a really cute little cartoon that was hanging in my area....I always carry my beret with me, but I can't grow a mustache. :-)

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