Monday, September 16, 2013

Next stop: Birdland

The next caricaturing locale for Celestia and I was Oriole Park at Camden Yards, 
where we met up with Toonboy to ply our trade at a couple of games. Several O's employees remarked to us that they'd NEVER seen two ladies drawing there before (I draw occasionally for Rick, but for the most part, it's a male-dominated caricature concession. Heck, it's a male-dominated industry!
I bet none of Rick's other artists ever had an Orioles' orange-and-black pedicure like Celestia did!
I'll share some of my output first.
 Above: These ladies wanted me to pose for their photograph, so I snagged one with them as well.
Above: Your basic O's-themed caricature.
Some more couples:
Below: Gary "Toonboy" Smith has such a deft touch with the chalk and glove method:
 I really admire his cartooning skills. No one does the Oriole Bird like him! And fitting in three well-executed bodies, all doing different baseball-y things, is a feat.
Celestia's feat was of a different sort: putting four rather-inebriated men on one paper, and doing an awesome job of it:
Bravo! In contrast, these ladies were just dolled up, not inebriated but still fun:
Here's another Vine I did of Celestia doing a BW couple:
We had time to check out the game for a little bit...that's the Yankees behind us!
Go O's!

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