Monday, September 15, 2014

Community Day Caricatures!

Had a bright sunny Saturday morning gig last weekend, at a community day event in a cute little small town...
My spot was in front of the borough hall, near the coolest version of a mechanical bull I ever saw!
But I didn't get to see anyone on it, because my chairs were filled every minute of the two hours spent drawing there. :-)
Caricature reaction ahead!!
He was surprised!

When I tried to leave to get to my next gig, (a wedding reception that was pretty far away)  I was the one who was in for a surprise:
My car was blocked in by an ambulance and a police car! Both of which were unoccupied but had engines running. There was absolutely no way I could squeeze out of there. In looking around to see where they'd gone, I figured...this is a medical emergency...not the time to whine over my needs. I got out the next client's phone number and started to text her I might be late, when someone came and backed up the ambulance a few feet...which solved my problem. And happily, the medical emergency was a minor one. Yay!! 

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