Sunday, September 14, 2014

Labor Day O's caricatures...

On Labor Day 2014, Baltimore baseball fans converged on Camden Yards for an Orioles game...and a few caricatures:
These two were newlyweds, (seriously, their marriage was in its 3rd DAY) so I drew her in her wedding dress and veil. When I asked her to describe it, I knew before she opened her mouth it would be a sweetheart neckline. ;-)
This lady proudly told me why her eyes were two different was a corneal transplant and it affected the color! She was a cancer survivor too. So happy to see folks like her enjoying life!
I thought these two teenagers might have been brother and sister, so I DIDN'T draw any hearts. They were with her parents, who'd said, "Hey can you draw these two kids?" which for some reason shut down my couple-radar. Turned out they WERE boyfriend and girlfriend!
"Draw me batting..."
A couple more---wow, when I saw these two photos together (the batters above and below) I was somewhat surprised at how consistent the bodies are. That's not necessarily a good thing. Could be a rut I need to work on.....although, people like the results. Often, I will get a whole bunch of the same pose in a row as people see...and want... 'one just like that.'
Those are my caricature cohorts Gary and Rick enjoying the shade before the sun began blazing down on Eutaw Street. Gary got some publicity, he was asked to draw the day's giveaway (a Bobblehead of one of the players) and be filmed doing so for one of the news crews. 
No one draws the Oriole Bird with Gary's skill and ease!

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