Saturday, September 20, 2014

T-shirt party favors for a Bat Mitzvah celebration!

The paper got ditched---for fabric---at last Saturday's gig, a Bat Mitzvah luncheon in a scrumptiously-smelling restaurant... 
Out went my easel and in came the palette board (to give me something firm to lean on), the binder clips, (to secure the shirt) and of course, big juicy fabric markers. Even allowing for that little bit of extra prep time in between each shirt (as opposed to pulling out a sheet of paper and presto, ready to go) I was about to draw twenty girls in two hours. :-)
Here's a few samples! The Bat Mitzvah girl got an extra pop of red on hers. 
They were selfie-ing away!
They told me they would all wear their shirts to school that Monday! What a kick! :-)
Thank you for having me! 

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