Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bar Mitzvah on a wintry night

Last night, I joined forces with Rick Wright to draw at a bar mitzvah in a beautiful 1840's ballroom ( we were on the second floor). Unfortunately, I once again left my camera's memory card in my computer, so my dinky little cell phone camera was the back-up plan...

Before we started, we found this painting of an artist in the bar area, so we each posed next to it...

This is the only photo of a drawing that turned out, because the lighting conditions drowned out my linework in the white of the paper. It's actually the bar mitzvah boy and his family, who sat at different times for a group caricature. In addition to we two caricaturists, the event included a roving saxophonist, giant projection screens showing shots of the goings-on, and videos set to the music that the two DJs played. Speaking of music, an especially nice touch was hearing John Lennon's "Beautiful Boy" while a montage of family photos were shown.

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