Monday, January 19, 2009

Lar DeSouza--"Lartist" extraordinaire

This man is an inspiration in so many ways! His name is Lar DeSouza, and the photo above was taken at one of the many caricaturist conventions we've both attended (this particular one was the Midwest Caricature Convention, Bowling Green, Ohio, early 2007---so it's from my pre-blog life). He drew me in the style of "Rocky Horror Picture Show" and it's one of my favorite drawings I've ever gotten. The drawing of him was one of my efforts at the big NCN convention later that year.

Lar is known for being warm, friendly and helpful; creative, hilarious and a snappy dresser; a big sci-fi fan and one of most versatile artists I've ever known. He is currently the artist behind two popular webcomics: Least I Could Do and Looking for Group. Both have huge online followings. Last Friday night, he made himself and his drawing skills accessible to the whole Internet by broadcasting live from his studio on a site called Ustream! What made it even more amazing was that he responded to comments and questions posed to him by dozens of people in a chatroom that ran alongside his live screenshot. Although it slowed down his working process alot, it was fun and enlightening to watch(and listen)to how he approached doing a comic.

Speaking of comics, I have to say that his accomplishments in that realm were a definite inspiration to Celestia and I with our Girl Caricaturists in Texas comic that was just published in our trade magazine. Here's what Lar had to say about it:
Hey ladeez!
I just got my EF today and had to write to tell you how much I enjoyed your comic adventure! :)) I hope this means I can look forward to future installments of the Girl Caricaturists. The look on Em's face as she was drawing the two rival Texans is priceless! But I think my fave is those carnies hitting on you two :)) Yew gots all yer teeth? What a pick up line!
Is it true what happens at the State Fair stays at the State Fair? Should John and Rob be worried? Hee hee hee
Congrats on a comic very very well done! :)
Much love,
Lar ;)

Finally, if you've noticed the Twitter widget I have just added to this blog, it's how you can find out when the next online-Lartist-session will be, or on the LICD homepage. I also decided to try Twitter for myself because the marketing universe is exploding on the Internet. Thanks, Lar, for everything and also to Paul McCall for spreading the word!


  1. That is FANTASTIC, way to go Em, nice exaggeration

  2. Thanks Sean! Coming from you, that is a huuuuge compliment.

  3. Lar is easily one of the nicest guys in the whole world, and a truely fantastic artist. Prolific, inspirational, and has the audacity to be humble and modest inspite of his enormous talent. You're lucky to get one of those caricatures! I'm glad I got one in my collection too.

    Nice caricature you did of him by the way Em!

  4. Yes, he's all of those things, Elgin. Thanks for the compliment on my drawing of him, it's one of my favorites I've ever done. Lar is also a hoot to spend Friday nights with online, as I have been doing for a few weeks now. I always learn something!