Friday, January 9, 2009

My first Caricature Comic!

Click to see a larger version.

Now that it's been published in Exaggerated Features-The Caricaturist's Quarterly and is arriving in NCN members' mailboxes world-wide, I can post my first comic work! Done jointly with fellow artist and friend Celestia Ward, it depicts some of the funnier moments during our stint at the State Fair of Texas last fall.
We had a blast creating it in Photoshop from opposite ends of the country via the Internet (she lives in Sin City--Las Vegas). We brainstormed what each panel would be, and divvied them between us. She took on the actual writing in her usual wry voice. Then, I used my Wacom Intuos drawing tablet and she used her Cintiq to create all the images. So far, several of my artist colleagues have been correct about who drew what panel :-)
We plan to do more in some format, because this was fun!

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  1. Congratulations. Great job. Love the way you draw your chin.

  2. Nice job girls!!
    1. Celestia did this one, the trailor.
    2. Em
    3. Celestia
    4. Em
    5. Celestia, I think?
    6. Celestia
    7. Celestia
    8. Em
    How did I do??

  3. Thanks Marlo, Kamal and Ye, and Rick!
    Ummm, Rrrrrick... Congrats--you're mostly right. There's one panel where she drew herself and I drew me. And who did the title one?

  4. Really excellent Emily, can't wait to see the next one.

  5. Thanks, Beast and Niall! I am brainstorming for the next one.