Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Christmas in August

Well, it seems that way to me, anyway!
I just received a shipment of my favorite caricaturing implement, the Copic Sketch marker, and its accessories. It's a Japanese marker often used for anime and manga drawing--there are lots and lots of colors, but for my purposes, the only one I'm interested in is black. The marker itself has two nibs, one a brush tip and the other a chisel tip, and its waterproof, permanent ink is refillable! I hated having to throw away other types of markers that had dried up from constant use. The nibs are also replaceable, making this quite economical in the long run.
That's the benefits before I say that the flowing, variable line quality is what I REALLY love about these markers!
Every year I buy a dozen new pens and about 20 refills. I was down to my last two refill containers when I ordered more from the other day. Last year, I had a good laugh, because they emailed me this:
Hi Emily,
I just wanted to make sure you realized each Various Ink refill is a bottle of ink and will refill a marker up to 12 times.
I say this only because I had someone who bought 15 refills once and when they got them realized they ordered waaaayyyyy too much ink.
Just confirm you wanted 19 Black/Special Black refills (12 of which will be 110-Special Black) and 1 R02-Flesh refill.
If you do confirm it, can you quench my curiosity and let me know what you use it for?

Hi Timothy,
Sure! I actually do NEED all that ink. I am a professional caricature artist and I primarily use Copics for all my live work. I have been getting the pens, nibs and ink from various internet sources over the last few years and decided to buy a bunch this time because I am tired of running low. No stores sell the ink where I live...
Check out my sketchblog to see samples of my work.

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