Sunday, August 2, 2009

Baseball fans do love their caricatures...

Sometimes people ask me if I draw at football games, and I usually respond that I think baseball is a better fit for's more of a family-friendly sport. Last night, I drew at an Orioles-Red Sox match that was just the epitome of America's pastime in late summer. Happy kids with families, guys drinking beer with their buddies, the roar of the crowd as the game played out, the smell of sausage and pulled pork in the air...and lots of people being caricatured!
(The photo above is Oriole Park at Camden Yards from the warehouse side.)

This guy wanted to be drawn with glasses ON, of course! Fun for me!

This one is of a grandmother with one of her 14 grandchildren--wait til the other 13 see it!

I drew the dad, a Phillies fan, while my colleague to my right, Jerry Breen, did an awesome job with the son.

This guy asked for a "sexy brunette" watching him catch a homer, so I gave him a bimbo! Fun for me again!!
The black cloud with lightning was a way to fix a 'mistake'...when I asked the guy what his name was, he told me his buddy's name!?

Below are some scenes from the sold-out game (heavy on the Sox fans).

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