Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lotsa fun for incoming college freshmen!

This afternoon, I drew at an event so crowded, happy and hectic, I barely had time for photos--and had to cut my line a third of the way into it!

The occasion was a "Super Saturday" for incoming college freshman to a local university. Almost immediately after I started to draw, there was a line around thirty people long! They all were immensely enjoying (meaning I got applause and screams from the LINE!!!) what came out of my marker for each student. After a little while, I counted people off and closed my line, because I didn't want students waiting who had no chance of getting a caricature.
Here's the only "in the chair" photo I managed to take before I was swamped:

Afterwards, I found that many of the students had hung up their drawings over the popcorn stand:

Unusually for me, I have an exact count of how many faces I drew because everyone wanted their own caricature--no doubles or triples. Fifty-five people in three hours...not bad for the old hand, arm and shoulder!

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