Monday, October 5, 2009

CRAZY customer who turned out to be......

...more than I reckoned he'd be!!!

This fright-wigged painted pumpkin man was my final drawing of last night. He'd arrived with a kid (I assumed his son) in tow who videotaped almost the entire process of caricaturing him, never smiling and speaking hardly at all... and when he did, it was with a thick, twangy Texan accent.
At the end when I asked for a photo, he obliged by commenting on how 'purty' I was and laughing "Son, I might even leave yore mother fer her"-- so I sneered to Celestia, "I think he's hitting on me"!!!
So I said to him, "Ummmm, I'm engaged." He replied, "Lemme see yore ring!" I did, and then he said in his NORMAL VOICE, "That's a beautiful ring you have there." He knew BECAUSE HE'D GIVEN IT TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was my fiance John-- and both Celestia (who knows him) and I had NO IDEA!!! She did find out in the middle of the drawing when he TEXTED her!!!! I have never been so floored in my life. I thought he was in Virginia visiting his dad. Well, he was, he'd just left to drive to Dallas! :-)
The kid, Vincent, was connected to the facepainting booth at the fair (and they did a bang-up job covering all aspects that would have given him away) and he had a great time pretending to be John's son and getting it all on video! (plus he got paid for doing so!)
Afterwards, we caricature artists and one super con artist all went out for a bite and I was still kicking myself for a supposed facial EXPERT--- who got duped by her nearest and dearest. And I love him for it!!!
Below: Myself, John, Celestia, Paul, Lorin and Vlad.


  1. Hahahhahahahaha!!! That's great!!!!!!!! You guys are the best!!

  2. I heard Nick laughing and then he showed me! THIS IS WHY YOU GUYS ARE THE GREATEST!!!!!!! I can't WAIT to see the video!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. omg. emily, that is the cutest story, it brought tears! the love you guys have is magical, i wish i could have been there, i miss all of you terribly.

  4. That is a remarkable story. I suppose when you draw the whole day, every face is just a subject. How could you not recognise your own fiance. Then a again, he is a master of disguise.

  5. Awe, that's sweet and awesome and stuff!

  6. Genius! What a smashing pumpkin-head that John of yours is.