Monday, October 26, 2009

Of gigs and postponements...

I had three scheduled events this past weekend that unusually, got whittled down to one. The first two, on Saturday, were both postponed; one because of heavy rain (it was an outdoor event) and the other due to the hosts and many of their guests having swine flu.
One postponement's new time made it impossible for me to do, since I did have another gig in that slot. The second, I'll be able to do next weekend, hopefully they'll be feeling better by then. :-)
My Sunday gig, which ended up being my only, was a raucous birthday party for a ten-year-old boy and twenty-five or so of his closest friends...all boys except for three girls! All the kids were given kazoos, so it was very loud and merry. These two decided to give me crazy faces which were very fun for me to draw.

The locale happened to be not far from my daughter's college, so I mentioned to the host I was going to go see her after the party at her dorm. He and his wife graciously gave me three entire leftover pizzas to take there! That made me "awesome" to the college students.

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