Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Every time a couple sits for me, I am amazed at the immense contrasts that happen with two unrelated faces. See here:

I talked this couple into getting a COLOR caricature because they were just too colorful of a pair not to do them justice!

These two had such great features to caricature, it was almost an overload! :-)

This married couple were very funny to talk to and didn't believe at first that all four of us artists were actually living in an RV park with all the travelling carnies! ( We are!)

These two had great smiles and their kids enjoyed watching them be drawn.

I kept hearing this girl's friends saying snickering "duck lips" behind me? :-)All in good fun, though!

I asked this lovely lady if she was a teacher, as I was getting that kind of vibe from her; and she admitted yes, that was her former occupation. Now she's a funeral director! I told her to hang up the caricature in her office :-)

This guy SORT OF reminded me of Will Smith from certain angles. They really laughed when they saw this!

Okay, fooled you! This couple actually IS related (cousins) :-)

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