Thursday, October 8, 2009

Texan faces from the last several days!!!

I have been so busy (twelve-hour days, every day here at the Fair) that I haven't posted much, but today is Senior Citizen Day. They're not the most rabid caricature fans, so it's slow enough at the booth to share some of the myriad faces I have been drawing down here in Texas!

This lovely lady was showing her chickens at the Fair and asked for one to be perched on her shoulder. Fun to draw!

This hilarious couple were a hoot while sitting for me. I couldn't resist drawing her with THAT expression on her face!)

This lady was talked into a caricature by her daughter, and everyone behind me was commenting on how cute it was! I enjoyed getting all the earth tones and jewelry in this one.

One word ( well, two) CARE BEARS!!!!

This trio sat for me, and then came back and had me include their pet bird...from a photo on their cell phone!

Various cute kids ( and army men) abound not just in Texas, but anywhere...

Friends on the left, siblings on the right. :-)

This little guy's mom told me he had a cowboy-themed room, so we came up with this scenario. And he liked it!

Three-generation caricature!

And a happy couple!

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