Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thai sushi surprise!

I was in the middle of this mom-dad-baby caricature when I heard their family members behind me speaking Thai, which I am a teensy-bit familiar with--because my son George lives in Bangkok. (When he was home this summer, he frequently practiced his vocabulary.) I told them about my son, and they were so happy to hear how much he loves their homeland. I ended up drawing not only the triple, but also the parents-and a brother and his daughter, too.

My fiance John chatted with them while I drew. They ended up inviting us to their sushi restaurant outside of Dallas, Suzushi. The next night, Celestia, Lorin, John and I got off from the fair a bit early specifically to go have a fantastic sushi dinner. It truly was delicious, memorable and so nice to know that the art of caricature brought us all together! Thank you Pat, Herb, Harp and your whole family!

If you're in Dallas and you like sushi, you should go and have their GYU roll--filet mignon on rice. The last photo is John and I about to devour their Halloween roll...fantastic!!!
Um, I'm never eating a corny dog again!

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