Wednesday, March 27, 2013

More quickie pencil sketches for my portfolio...

I've been doing some pencil sketchin' for the usual online caricature groups...mostly pencil work, with varying levels of exaggeration. These all take under an hour to do.
This one needs no exaggeration! It's done in Ebony pencil.
This one is graphite and Prismacolor pencil: the young Nina Simone.
 Juno! This sketch is veeeeery small, I wanted to see how tiny I could go.
Another version of the new Pope. The first photo of him on the balcony made it seem as though his face was quite round, but now that I've seen more images of him, I think he has a droopier face. 
Jack Black, who has quite a distinctive look, kind of like Johnny Depp Lite. This one is pencil with some digital watercolor on top.
Billie Holiday...this one is all Mars Lumograph EE pencil. I've found that they are no fun to sharpen...they crumble. :-(
So I switched to markers for this last one:

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