Saturday, March 9, 2013

More Thai artists...these were the hi-tech ones promoting Samsung

One afternoon during my recent trip to Thailand included a stop at a huge mobile communications show, held in Queen Sirikit Convention Center in Bangkok. It was amazing how many vendors there are in this industry---and one of them was utilizing the talents of real live artists...
Samsung has held this type of event in cities all over the world, to show how their Galaxy Note tablet can be used for drawing. I have plenty of colleagues who've done this gig here in the US. The pay was not commensurate with what professional digital artists usually get, but as usual, one can profit and learn from ANY experience...
Like most things in Bangkok, it was VERY crowded:
Here are some of the completed digital drawings:
Portraiture and anime predominate.
At this event I also had a cool Beatles t-shirt sighting! :-)
And this was too cute for words:

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