Monday, March 25, 2013

The traditional gift for a First Anniversary is PAPER...this piece had a caricature on it!

My second event on Saturday was one for which I was booked the day before! (through Gigsalad :-)
It was rather unusual as gigs go, in that it wasn't a party, but a husband wanting to surprise his wife. So, after finishing up my afternoon at the Bar Mitzvah, I headed for this couple's home and rang the doorbell. She answered, wondered who on earth we were, (my Other Half was still with me and in fact, took the great photo below) and laughed aloud when I said, "Happy Anniversary! I'm here to caricature you and your husband!"
Since I had plenty of time to focus on them, their caricature was an 18" x 24" full-color, full-body studio quality masterpiece, if I do say so myself. It included things that they held dear, such as their cats, boat, etc. etc. After I drew them, they pulled up photos on their computer of each additional item. I liked drawing his red Solo cup!! Here is a close-up of the results:
Yes, he WAS aware that paper is the traditional gift for the first anniversary. I'd say she has one thoughtful hubby!
After I finished the big drawing, they had me do a couple B/W drawings of their friends from photos, and then I called it a day. A wonderful day spent drawing---with my Other Half along with me. Congratulations, Brian and Mariana!

Update: Just got my first Gigsalad feedback! Thank you Brian!!
I hired Emily to draw my wife and I for our one year wedding anniversary. She came to our home and did a fantastic job! It was a great intimate gift as my wife and I felt very special as she was there for only us. She even did a few drawings of my friends from photos that we wanted to give as gifts. She showed up on time and was very professional. Best of all the drawings are great!! Thank you again Emily

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