Sunday, March 24, 2013

Caricatures at an amazing Bar Mitzvah!

My first event on Saturday was one where I'd been booked for a loooong time...

 I'd drawn the Bar Mitzvah young man at a fair several years ago, several times...he had a great face and attitude. That's him with his sisters, above. I've also drawn his parents more than once, they've been guests at different functions where I've drawn... so our paths have crossed enough that they graciously invited me and my Other Half to be guests as well as part of the entertainment for Jarryd's big day.
Since my Other Half was with me, I asked him if he'd take photos. He was all pumped about using my new Iphone app, Vine, which takes 6-second video clips---it turned out to be quite the creative outlet for him! ( Thanks, Marlo!) He got some awesome footage of my subjects and other goings-on. For easier viewing for the un-Vined,  I compiled a bunch into one Youtube video. Check it out!

This celebration stood out in many ways: the DJ from Hot Hot Hot was top-notch, the food was scrumptious, the candle-lighting ceremony was moving... 
and the SOCKS were awesome:
Congratulations Jarryd, and thanks for having us!!!

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