Saturday, March 16, 2013

Senior ladies...and a gent

Yesterday afternoon, I did one of my semi-regular drawing sessions at a local senior home, one of my favorite types of gig. Sometimes I am there to draw the employees, and sometimes it's the residents. That was the case yesterday, at a "caricatures social"  :-)
One of the employees had her caricature  displayed (from their employee appreciation day--she's the one holding the money ;-) to show the residents what to expect:
Below: This lady was very jovial, and told me her nickname was "Hazel Nuts"! LOL!
A couple more beautiful-senior-lady drawings:
And a cute couple:
Everyone said  "aaaaawwwww" as I finished this one. 
I've probably said this more than once here on my blog, but I love my job. 

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