Thursday, February 13, 2014

Airbrushing something a LITTLE less challenging than caricatures...

Yesterday found me doing something artsy--NOT caricatures---at a college event. Students organized a sweet Valentine's Day activity in their cafe, giving out free airbrushed wooden roses:
They were pre-painted white to begin with; each student received three, of their color choice.
Below: Blue roses were very popular (it's their school color). 
I had to laugh when many of the same exclamations I hear when I'm caricaturing came out of their mouths…only this time, it was merely spritzing some color on a pre-fab item.

"Wow! So talented!"
"Is this want you do for a living?"
"How long did it take you to learn how to do that??" (for this gig, I actually COULD say it was my first time airbrushing roses.)
It was hard to refrain from telling them I could probably do this in my felt like I had a secret super-airbrush-power that I wasn't using. But it was still a pleasant endeavor, the results were pretty and the students lined up patiently and were happy to get them. 

After airbrushing for four hours nonstop, (my trigger finger actually ached, and my compressor never shut off!) the giant box of 500 roses the students had provided was nearly empty. So, according to my less-than-trusty calculations, that means I completed around 450, one rose approximately every 30 seconds. I used the assembly-line style; a whole bunch of each color at once. The yellow-pink and blue-green combinations were the most popular, with lots of black-red and purple-pink, too. After finishing up, I skedaddled home to avoid the arrival of the NEXT BIG SNOWSTORM which is currently dropping more than a foot of snow on me and millions of my neighbors…..ugh!

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