Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day party for some sweet little girls

On Sunday, in the midst of the power outage at home, I headed off to a Valentine's Day party, in a nearby area whose power had (fortunately!) been restored. When I arrived, I set up as close as I could get to a beautiful (in more ways than one) heat source!
Note all the pink and red markers in my cup!
The party was for two sisters and all their friends, a Valentine-hearted extravaganza in the middle of a dreary winter. After I drew all of them, their mom and I got some cute photos: one with their faces showing, and these two below, without:
This gig came to me courtesy of Gigsalad… in an email which I was able to fetch on my iPhone during the power outage.  Thank you technology, and thank you, Cori, for having me!! 

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