Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The ICE STORM of 2014

Haven't drawn anything in my studio for awhile. Last week, our area experienced one of the worst February (or any!) storms I can recall in my lifetime:
Instead of snow, ICE built up on everything, wreaking havoc…branches snapped half the night long in a sickening repetition. It sounded like this: CRACK! (as each branch broke) WHOOSH! (as the snowpack already on it fell the the ground in a little avalanche) then THUD!! as heavy wood hit the ground. 

Amazingly, nothing hit my home or car (I'd moved it to a different spot than usual) but there were quite a few very close calls. Unfortunately, thousands of others suffered major damages. After the storm, came the power outage, at the worst time of year to lose electricity, of course. I missed having heat and my electric blanket more than the internet!!

My Other Half and I got through with the help of a kerosene heater and periodic charge-phone-and-shower visits to my mom, who did have power (she was one of very few.) After almost five DAYS, the lights went back on. Now we're anticipating a foot of snow this week. :-(
Below:This tree is right by my back door...
Here's my intrepid Other Half celebrating a cleared driveway. He chainsawed and we both picked up debris. Not bad for two about-to-be-fifty-year-olds.
People pulled together as they always do in situations like this. At a nearby mulch farm, they obviously wanted to give people SOMETHING to smile about: a three-story snow man!
Creativity! The nose is an orange traffic cone, the buttons are yellow hard hats, and I'm sure it wasn't hard to come by some big branches for the arms. :-)

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