Monday, February 17, 2014

Social media spruce-ups...

The dead of winter is usually when I revamp some of my online presences…so, I am sitting here with a big mug of steaming Earl Grey tea, doing just that. It certainly helps that I have electricity at the moment  (another snowstorm IS on its way, though. Ugh.)

YouTube now has video trailers and a cover photo, Google+ (which I don't quite understand yet) has a cover photo, and I'll probably find some more things to play with, in my internet meanderings. I decided to use this photo from the  2013 Humanist holiday party for my cover photos: it needed to be a horizontal shot. This is the doctored-up version, to better go with my blue-and-green-background profile pic.
Below is the original version, as taken by my talented Other Half.
I used my favorite workhorse app on my iPad, PhotoWizard, to get the interesting atmosphere. Then I emailed the pic to myself,  and put the text and some more little fairy lights in with Photoshop on my laptop. Click here if you want to visit my Youtube channel.  I chose a trailer that really encapsulates what my caricatures are all about. :-)

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