Tuesday, February 4, 2014

O's Fans galore...

Another early-morning drive south for me ended up at the Baltimore Convention Center, for Orioles Fanfest 2014. I missed it the last couple of years due to visiting Thailand, but was able to get right back into the swing of it. :-)
Rick had his 'A team' drawing in an orange frenzy..
Yeah, I'm a terrible kid.
All seven of us were kept busy, and somewhat unusually, it wasn't predominantly kids--lots of couples got a caricature this year too:
Above: His parents told me it was a perfect likeness. I wasn't too sure!!!
Here's the scene on my hurriedly-returning-from-the-ladies'-room-break:
Before the festivities began, I found myself in the upstairs Starbucks, above which was a rather interesting, somewhat caricature-y mural of Baltimore scenery and citizens…
This was the second sunset I've seen in 2014 on the way to caricaturing:
Found this online the next day. The caption says the subject had "always wanted to be caricatured but had never gotten around to it" :-)
Play ball! (in two months anyway)

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