Sunday, May 10, 2015

2nd Communion party of the season

This one was a hoot! The party room was on the second floor---and both up and down, I had big beefy guys to carry my polka-dotted gig suitcase. :-)
The Communion girl was wearing a beautiful dress made out of her mother's wedding gown:
 Don't these look enticing!? I was offered one, but sadly, I don't drink and draw. Although this is one time I was actually tempted!
The friends and family at this one were very enjoyable:
And THIS one....since there was really only space for one chair in my little alcove, I had folks sit one at a time even if it was a group caricature. So this parents-and-daughter caricature only shows the daughter. A few days after the party, I received a Facebook message from my cousin's wife...she'd seen a photo of the caricature, being shared by its subjects...HER BROTHER and his family! Another small world moment!!
The party hostess sent me home with a piece of this wonderful dense cake and some pretzels!
Thank you so much for having me draw at Lauren's party! 

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