Wednesday, May 20, 2015

College graduation party with Africaans accents!

After an afternoon Communion party, I drove northward to a grad party in a little university town...
I'd never had Kutztown soda---birch beer--- before!!! It was delicious.  And iron chairs are great for caricaturists, no one pulls them up  to be THISCLOSE like they do with regular folding chairs. ;-)

The graduate is a native of South Africa and was a major presence on his school's rugby team, as were many of the guests, who were his countrymen/teammates. His parents and grandmother flew in for the big occasion!

And the proud graduate got drawn with several friends as well!
Below: I told this gentleman he reminded me of a less-depraved looking Van Gogh, and he told me that the Dutch and Africaans languages are very similar. I learn something at every gig!
They kept me a bit later than my scheduled time, as you can see by how dark it got---thank you! :-)
And this young lady graduated that day too. Congrats!!
Here are a few more!
A smart photographer clambered up on the garage roof to get a group shot:
Congratulations Niku!!! 

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