Sunday, May 31, 2015

American Girl Caricatures...both the real thing and the dolls ;-)

On a perfect Saturday afternoon, my caricatures were part of a practically-perfect birthday party for a girl and her doll, and her friends and their dolls! 
Here's a few of them. I was able to do a full-color drawing of each guest. What fun for me!!  (and them of course ;-)
The easel was set up at the edge of a gaily-decorated garage...behind me was the bounce house and bubble activities:
I told the mom she was a party-organizer par excellence:
Even the cake was a doll caricature! (She's all cake!)
The dolls even had a hair-braiding station! Didn't get a photo of that, but you can see the results below:
And what party isn't enhanced by a visit from an ice cream truck? The birthday girl's dad got me a root beer float!
Happy birthday Lexi!
You and your family rock! Thank you for having me!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Lime-green and teal-tinged wedding reception...

Last weekend, the easel and I travelled westward to a lovely locale nestled in a woods in York County---it was even on a dirt be part of a lovely wedding reception for a very sweet couple and their fun-lovin' guests...
I was set up right next to the bar so everybody on their way to get a drink could enjoy watching!
You can see the approaching twilight in this succession of photos: 
The bride and groom were drawn late in the proceedings:
They had such a nice vibe. :-)
Thanks to Gigmasters for putting us (couple and caricaturist!) together!

Update! Here's the feedback from the bride:
Emily did caricatures for our wedding. She was so nice and accommodating throughout the whole process! Our dinner ran late so she stayed an extra half an hour to make up that time we lost with no extra charge. I would definitely recommend her! She goes above & beyond!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Caricatures for Hospital Week #2

The next day I found myself in another hospital caricaturing another group of admins, doctors, nurses and other assorted staff...Yay!
This time I met the SIXERS's (new) mascot, Franklin!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Caricatures for Hospital Week #1

A hospital is its own community, so doing a gig there is hugely fun for a caricaturist: I got to draw administrators, doctors, nurses, volunteers, kitchen staff, etc etc etc!
This guy's whole head was a gift to caricature!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

College graduation party with Africaans accents!

After an afternoon Communion party, I drove northward to a grad party in a little university town...
I'd never had Kutztown soda---birch beer--- before!!! It was delicious.  And iron chairs are great for caricaturists, no one pulls them up  to be THISCLOSE like they do with regular folding chairs. ;-)

The graduate is a native of South Africa and was a major presence on his school's rugby team, as were many of the guests, who were his countrymen/teammates. His parents and grandmother flew in for the big occasion!

And the proud graduate got drawn with several friends as well!
Below: I told this gentleman he reminded me of a less-depraved looking Van Gogh, and he told me that the Dutch and Africaans languages are very similar. I learn something at every gig!
They kept me a bit later than my scheduled time, as you can see by how dark it got---thank you! :-)
And this young lady graduated that day too. Congrats!!
Here are a few more!
A smart photographer clambered up on the garage roof to get a group shot:
Congratulations Niku!!! 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Final Communion party for 2015

My last Communion party of the season was a delightful one held in a home, AND it was the Communion girl's birthday as well. She sat for me first...
Then, I drew this young man and his awesome hair:
After that, it was a blur of smiling faces! I was able to do all these drawings in exactly two hours. :-)
This hostess made sure I was fed afterwards, as I had a bit of a long drive to get to my next gig. 
The cake was wonderful, and I heard one of the kids requesting to "eat the Bible"!

Thank you for having me and for your hospitality! 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Back to the Post-prom!

Yes, they had a DeLorean!
I arrived early and got situated: I could then go check out the decor. This school always has lavishly-decorated loos----almost too pretty to use!
Then it was Caricature Time!
I got home around 5 am and hit the hay for about five hours of sleep before the next gig! Yes, I am crazy!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

3rd Communion luncheon of the season

May is definitely Communion party season (along with college graduations, proms, weddings, and May birthdays ;-) and this was my third out of four this year, held in a restaurant with a pleasant veranda on the Delaware River:
It was a beautiful day. There were even some babies swimming by to entertain the kids!
The Communion girl was very friendly, and even made a public announcement to all her guests that I was doing caricatures outside! Thanks, Luciana!
I drew all the kids first of course, then had time to do some adults. :-)
I included the bridge behind all the grown-ups. Well, it really was behind them!
Thanks for having me! 

My Other Half had dropped me off for this one, so I had my own personal valet parking. This was the sixth event crammed into four days last I was a *little* tired that evening. :-) But it was a happy tired!