Thursday, April 14, 2016

2015 ISCA convention #2

Ah, the camaraderie of caricature artists!
The ISCA convention flew by as it always does. The final evening is the awards banquet for which many of us dress up as only artists's my roomie and I, about to make our way downstairs for a whole NIGHT of selfie-taking ;-)
See what I mean?
Outgoing ISCA president Nolan Harris is a snazzy dresser!!!  After dinner and an art auction, the awards found their way into deserving hands... 
This year's Golden Nosey winner, to no one's surprise, was Grigor Eftimov.
These are some works I particularly liked; Grigor's oils are on the far right.  
Here is one of his subjects, Kira Layli-Moore, who gets to keep that masterpiece:
Ok, as for what I did this studio piece was a pen and ink of Benedict Cumberbatch aka Sherlock, along with Dr Watson and The Woman:
And for my wall, I decided to try something totally new for me: silhouettes!
...and two stray pencil sketches ;-)
I'd always wanted to try this, and had gotten a book on the subject at Half Price Books in Texas (a place we sadly don't have where I live, so it's a must-do excursion while working the State Fair). It turned out to be quite fun! Some of my subjects left the convention before the banquet, so I don't have photos of them with their silhouette, but here are  the ones  I DO have:
My two non-silhouettes were of some very amazing men I am proud to know:
The silhouette-cutter and the digital web-comic artist. 
I have a looooong way to go before I'll be able to cut anything like his work!
Lar did a silhouette of ME!
And Celestia and I both received sketches from Danielle Corsetto, author/artist of 
Then it was off to the after-party!
Til next year (actually it's THIS year now---seven months away!)

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