Monday, April 11, 2016

The Wedding that Swam with the Sharks!!! And I drew them...

This bridal couple knew how to throw a UNIQUE wedding---I barely even know where to start!
So I'll begin with their caricature. The venue was the Adventure Aquarium in Camden NJ, just over the river from Philadelphia, so I drew sharks on every caricature!
This is the view from the windows on one side of the hall:
The wedding was actually on Mischief Night, so they had that theme going as well:
That's easily one of my favorite easel spots ever. 
I got some good photos---of the couple entering...
and their first dance:
Then the curtains were parted and the sharks became the silent, menacing dinner guests!
Oh yeah, I did draw caricatures!!

Aftrewards, I couldn't resist getting up close:
They were partying away as I left for home. Congrats to Stacey and Paul!!

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