Saturday, April 2, 2016

Texan Couples 2015 #1

I've neglected my blog for the longest period since its beginnings in 2007...because I had a lot of other things happening in my life (which I'll get to in due time)...but now it's time to CATCH UP! We'll see if I can do it! 
My last post back in November of 2015 was about the State fair of are some of the COUPLES I caricatured there. :-) 
Best stubble ever!!
I liked the line drawing so much for this one, that I got a picture before airbrushing it. A measure of success for me is if the drawing can stand on its own without color. 
Facial hair!!!!!
Often people ask to have their dogs added into a caricature, but this couple wanted their CAT!
Brothers........and a father-daughter. 
Various boyfriend-girlfriend couples...
and some BFF's who LOVED their caricature!

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