Thursday, April 7, 2016

Texas 2015---Misc.

The State Fair of Texas is never dull. This year, instead of one big thing (in the past it's been crazy storms, Oprah coming, Ebola in Dallas or Big Tex burning down-yikes) it was a lot of cool, small things.
Our annual photo with Big Tex 2.0:
Ok, Celestia cropped his head off. She does have the longer arm for selfies, so I'm not really complaining.
Here is my pic of Big Tex in all his cowboy-hatted glory:
Mini-Big Tex says Howdy, too. 
A couple of views of our fair "neighborhood":
There was an eclipse during the fair, but we were so busy we missed most of it!
I got my annual reject:
Mom didn't care for how the drawing was turning out---I wasn't even done drawing it when she told me to stop. I airbrushed it after she left with her disappointed kid. 
This is how I retaliated against Senior Citizens who think caricature chairs INSIDE THE BOOTH are expressly for them to use on Senior Day at the Fair. They get annoyed and pretend not to understand when it's explained that they're for CUSTOMER USE...these ladies took their sweet time masticating their corny dogs (by the way, this photos got MANY likes on my Instagram, hee hee). 
This photo was texted to us by a happy returning caricature customer. His barbershop wall is plastered with them!  We had fun seeing whose artwork we recognized.  (Mine are the color one and the giant-headed, shaded BW.)
We have a long walk back through a parking lot, to the RV where we stay during the fair,  and this windshield decor really cracked me up. 

THIS is our single line which feeds all four artists, late one night towards the end of the fair....yes people are crazy determined to get their caricatures!
And after getting through all that, we still smile!!!!
Well, some of us do!!

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