Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Texan Families 2015, etc.

                                    Here are some family caricatures by yours truly...
This picture is of a group of babies who ALL got caricatures at the same time at our booth...I did the GIANT headed one, our cohort Doug did the sweet baby girl, and Celestia did the two B/W full-bodied little tots (in the same time it took us to do ONE color caricature, of course ;-)   
Some adorable sisters who took off as I finished them so couldn't get a photo...
Now for the etc.'s...

These two BFFs had a stuffed doughnut and unicorn, yeah I had to draw those!!!
Doughnuts are EASY PEASY.
More assorted caricatures!!
Have I mentioned how much I enjoy doing these? It's the only time all year that I use an airbrush...so technically, it means I have been a full-time airbrush artist for eight months. ;-)

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