Tuesday, December 11, 2007

1st sculpture finished!

Here she is, in all her sculpey glory (or infamy!)
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I've discovered that I want to do more sculpting. There don't seem to be many who do it, and it intrigues me.... Although this Hillary does not reach my usual standard for drawn likenesses, she's only the first of hopefully many, and I already have another victim in mind. But that will have to wait til after the holidays...


  1. Homerun in one !
    We want more, we want more....

  2. Thanks Hanzz!!!!!
    There WILL be more, after the holidays. I am amazed at how things come out of the blue. I surely wasn't expecting to be this fascinated with a new medium!

  3. I think her likeness is absolutely great!
    And the message is clear, this indeed is a sweet revenge for her...

  4. Thanks, Marion!
    Time will tell if she does indeed make it to the presidency, to claim her revenge...
    The reason I am not totally satisfied with her likeness is that it is not quite as strong from different angles. That's a goal I'll have for my next piece...