Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sketchbook stuff

While working on a gift commission today, which I can't post til after the holiday, I found these forgotten doodles on the same page in my sketchbook. I tidied them up a bit in PS, and so, here they are: two unrelated caricature artists from the NCN, drawn from life at the convention...
This is Jert- Jeremy Townsend. Everybody draws him at the con, and usually the caricatures are the kind that make you scream (and groan) with laughter. None more so than his own drawings, though! He has a post on his blog about attending the Sebastian Kruger class recently in's at
This is Liesbeth Beckers, from Belgium. She's been a friendly presence at the last two conventions...her website is There's actually going to be a European mini-con in January, and I am sure she will be attending that one. Wish I could!!!

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