Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sculpture progress on her big day...

I am still working with my sculpture of Amy Winehouse, and she's still working on herself in rehab, hopefully! It will be interesting to see if her talent nets her any Grammys tonight in spite of her personal life.
This is the first attempt at photographing my end result. I plan on making the background more of a graveyard, and drawing her skanky tattoos, with Photoshop.

PS. She won FIVE Grammys last night!


  1. Truly an excellent piece Emily, Great concept and follow through. I can't wait to see it with a different background, I believe that will make it much more solid. Do you have any other pictures? Please share more.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Sean!
    I am at the point where I "sort-of" know what I want to do with the background, but am not sure how to implement it. Amy will have to wait til I get a few commissions done this week...

  3. That body is AWESOME! I think you made her a little fat though...j/k-looks great!

  4. Oh Wow! This turned out soooooooo Good! I love Wino!