Monday, March 24, 2008

Another creative outlet...not caricature, but still fun!

I've made scrapbooks since childhood, meaning long before they became an industry unto themselves. When arts-n-crafts stores began devoting many aisles to scrapbooking, it was heaven for me!
This past weekend, my daughter returned from a class trip to London, England, and its surrounding countryside. To my delight, she'd taken over 400 photos, so a scrapbook was begging to be born. She handed me a bag filled with boarding passes, brochures, tube tickets, shopping bags and even receipts from very British establishments such as Marks and Spencers. I printed out her best photos, and got to work.
About nine hours later, I presented her with a 20-page, 12 x 12 memorabilia-packed scrapbook complete with custom-Photoshopped laminated title card (see below). She found it funny that I did not need to purchase anything to do this project, my magic scrapbook drawer provided it all.

The only piece that did not fit in it was her big beach pebble from Brighton (on the English Channel). Here are a few pages...


  1. I love your scrapbooks Emily!
    What a great and fun hobby, too!

  2. You really are a sweet mother Emily, I really don't know if I would do that for my children....

  3. Hi Marion, it's not so much that I did it for her, but as a guilty pleasure for me!