Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Digital Fine-tuning of nurse graduation caricature

I am still playing with my daughter's graduation caricature. Some professional peers of mine on the NCN forum gave me some very constuctive critiques, so I worked on the hair, necks, bodies, and size/placement of blood spatter. Then, their cute little shoes and the title were added.


  1. Thats a lucky daughter, great work!!
    That blood is a nice little touch. And those shoes make the drawing!

    (are you excited for phillies season starting up soon?)

  2. Sweet, Em!
    Long as your drenching it in blood, You need to put some drippin yella stains in the bedpan, it looks to much like a cowboy hat. Maybe shorten the needle arm too.?
    Likenesses and painting style are bang-on!

  3. I'm on the fence about yellow stains....that might be TOO gross!
    The looooong arm with the needle is an inside joke, she does have very long arms.