Tuesday, March 24, 2009

BW Party-style caricature from photo...

These neighbors of the little birthday girl couldn't be at her party that I drew for earlier this month, so recently her mom sent me this photo-- so they could also have a special memento to commemorate Josie's 1st.
Doing party-style caricature from a photo involves a somewhat different skill-set than doing it live. A person in front of you offers a lot of visual information; a photo is more limited and sometimes misleading. This was a good photo to work from, however. Also, in my experience, drawing from a photo can't be done as quickly as a live drawing. That's why I usually turn down requests to draw from photos at a party gig (unless there is a special situation.) At big corporate events, I don't do them at all, because the point is to entertain the guests who are there. Earlier in my career, I also found that if I drew from one photo, everybody in line would start pulling out their wallets and hunting down too-tiny snapshots!!
But photos ( and the more the better) work just fine for studio situations, and I enjoy it as a different discipline. Thank you Laura!:-)

This photo caught me mid-squint! Honestly, I am not winking at older men, but gauging shapes and sizes of features. Either that or my glasses aren't strong enough!

I didn't get a photo of this young man, but my client did. Thank you Laura! :-)

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