Sunday, March 15, 2009

Caricaturist friend on Dutch television....

Through the NCN, I have been able to make friends with caricaturists all over the world. A special one to me is Johanna Veerenhuis, whom, along with her husband Johnannes, will be opening a caricature museum in the town in the Netherlands where they live.

The photo of us above was taken at the 2007 NCN convention in Reno.

Johanna is multi-talented, being an award-winning sculptor as well as a 2-D artist. She was just featured on a morning show in her country--the piece showcased her upcoming museum as well as her live drawing skills in the TV studio. Was I surprised when I saw that my wedding caricature of she and Johannes was briefly shown (at 8:18) during a montage of caricatures!!!

Click here to watch:
Groningen Vandaag

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