Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cub Scout banquet

For the second year running, my caricatures were featured today at a large Cub Scout pack's annual banquet. This year, not only did I draw the Cubs themselves, but also many parents and even entire families. The Cub Scout leader, Andy, does a phenomenal job of both organizing and emceeing the event. (Thanks for having me back!) He and his wife told me that my caricatures of their family from last year are framed and proudly displayed in their basement. That really is a warm fuzzy feeling for me!

Okay, why did I put a photo of a chair on my blog?
Look closely at the rollers on the legs. I have never seen rolling chairs in a banquet hall--I imagine they are better for the carpeting than metal chair caps. But for this caricaturist, they make it far too easy for my subjects to do what some instinctively do when they sit for me...pull themselves up til they are THISCLOSE. I just laugh and tell them I don't need to see their pores or their molars to be able to draw them!!! :-)

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  1. yeah that close subject always makes me say move back, or i end up seeing too many details and i have to make something up instead (harder to simplify)