Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day! (that would be...yesterday)

For this most Irish day of the year, my fiance and I were invited to Baltimore to do some pub-crawling. One of the bars we went to, the Life of Reilly, was one I had visited previously for a gig last year, so I knew there were caricatures of the bartenders gracing its bar... (above)
When we arrived at our third and final destination of the night (J.Patrick's Pub) there was a pleasant surprise waiting for me. Adorning its bar was another caricature I had done from that same gig, of two gentlemen cousins who certainly seem to get around!!
The two gents weren't actually present, but they must be favored patrons to be hanging there on permanent public view. What's more, I could tell it was a copy (because my 11 x 14 paper had been lengthened to 11 x 17) so who knows how many other displays it might have, depending on how many Irish bars these two frequent?? ;-)
Here's a wee bit of that very Guinnessy, Harpy, Jamesony, Tullamore-Dewy ambiance...

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